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This is the site of Bahadarpur Premi- Lovers of Bahadarpur.

About us

The people who, though separated by thousands of miles from their roots, the hearts of Bahadarpur Premi jingle at the mere mention of Bahadarpur’s name.

What is it about Bahadarpur that, like a strong thread of necklace, has kept so many people tied to one another, and to Bahadarpur in a bond of Special Love? Those of us who hail from Bahadarpur know and feel this Prem because we know how special Bahadarpur is Bahadarpur’s soil is a reservoir of courage, foresightedness, generosity and spirituality which flows in the hearts and spirits of its inhabitants.

Bahadarpur’s soil is a reservoir of

  • Courage
  • Foresightedness
  • Spirituality
  • Love
  • Help
  • Generosity




Bahadarpur’s place in history books is as illustrative as it’s place is precious in our hearts. In the years following the independence, the prominence of Bahadarpur as the center of business, culture, and spirituality was established far and wide, within and beyond Vadodara territories, because of the courage, foresightedness, business acumen and the spirituality of its citizens, i.e. our forefathers. Bahadarpur was considered one of the key business centers in Vadodara district.

In the realm of spirituality, the town’s air was charged with the fragrance of spirituality and devout bhakti. Bahadarpur also led the region in its support of education and nurturing of arts during this illustrious period.

We hope to enrich this site with many features that will not just inform and enlighten you, the Bahadarpur Premi, but will also keep us closer to each other and to Bahadarpur. Your goodwill and constructive comments are not only welcome but are necessary to make this forum instructive, entertaining and culturally redeeming for all of us. Think of this as your personal link between your childhood and your children, who may know of Bahadarpur only in the abstract. Think of this as your personal liaison between the people and place you love but had to leave behind and your future, your children.

We hope to add more valuable features to this site as the time goes by to make it a real community where real people congregate. If you have any old pictures of our town and our streets, of people and places, of families and festivities, or the stories about people of Bahadarpur; we would love to showcase them on our site for all of us to enjoy.

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